Tamika C. Carter

  • Do you dream of having your own uniquely-branded travel business that allows you to work "online from anywhere"?

  • Does the thought of competing with big name travel businesses or online booking websites scare you?

  • Do you want a travel business that systematically attracts scores of people you WANT to work with... without all of the "busy work"?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions,

then group travel is right for you!

Tamika C. Carter - Group Travel Academy



Tamika C. Carter

Founder & Executive Director

Tamika C. Carter, is an expert in group travel planning. In 2003, Tamika founded On The Go, LLC, a group travel agency that specialized in group travel to the Caribbean, music festivals and sporting events. Tamika's newest venture, Caribbean Mastermind Retreats, is a travel agency that specializes in group travel planning for business coaches, life coaches, and their clients. As a result, Tamika has coordinated group travel for thousands of travelers. Tamika has a passion for entrepreneurship and group travel planning, making this endeavor of helping others reach their entrepreneurial goals through group travel a perfect fit.

This has by far been the most comprehensive and helpful course I have taken during my journey to learn about group travel. The tools provided throughout the training ensure we walk away having made our projected profit and financial goals. 

Mia Hudson

Divine 9 Group Travel

The Group Travel Academy have been instrumental to launching my culinary travel business. The comprehensive learning tools are extremely easy to follow and the moral support through our Facebook community is great for bouncing ideas off of other members.

Shamyra Edmonds

Passport 2 Cuisine

I had no plan and was going in circles trying to run my business. I was doing everything and achieving nothing. The Group Travel Academy helped me to see that I needed to start over and get clear on the end result, then work backward to achieve it.

Samantha Taylor

A Trip Around the World

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