Mastering Group Travel to





Every year, tens of thousands of people around the globe watch major events on television and say to themselves...

"Wow! How cool would it be to be there!" 


And as a group travel planner, you've probably had a similar thought...

"Wow! How cool would it be to take a group of people there!" 


If this is you, keep reading...


Whether its music festivals like Essence or Coachella, or major awards shows like the Oscars or the BET Awards. Or maybe its New Years Eve in Time Square or Carnival in the Caribbean or South America. What about major NBA, NFL, MLB or NHL sporting events, or even better, championship and showcase events like the Super Bowl, NBA All-Star Weekend or The World Series... 


whatever the event...  











"Only celebrities can attend major events like these!"
The truth is, while celebrities do attend these events, most major event organizers have pre-planned experiences exclusively for the fans!


"There's no way my people could ever afford tickets to events like these!"
You'd be surprised at the ways you can make attending an affordable experience that your clients will never forget!


"I'm sure I won't be able to find a hotel close by!"
With proper planning, you can put your people right in the center of the action for the experience of a lifetime!


"So, just where are these people that want to go to these major events?"
Because these are majorly publicized, already popular events, people are already looking for you! You just need to know how to meet them where they are! 


>>  You are just starting out in the travel industry and want to build your list and make your mark, FAST!


>>  You have been in the travel industry for a minute, but you want to add your first group with people who are ready to travel, NOW!


>>  You've planned group travel before, but you want to plan and host a group trip that is really going to TURN HEADS!


>>  You're a seasoned group travel professional, but you've never taken groups to a major event and you want to KILL IT... IN A GOOD WAY!


>>  There's an event you attend every year, and every year, more people want to go with you! (You might as well make it legit!)

Welcome to...

Mastering Group Travel to Major Events
Mastering Group Travel to Major Events - Prep


This is where you'll create a bulletproof foundation for your major event promotion with total confidence.

Remember, the main reason taking groups to major events seems overwhelming is because you don't have a SOLID step-by-step plan to follow. 


By the time you're finished with Step #1, you'll have a total understanding of why taking groups to major events will be the easiest way to grow your group travel business, fast, and the key to sustaining your business in the future. And if you don't already have one in mind, you'll know what event you're destined to travel to!


Get Clear on Your Big Picture Success Strategy: Before you can reach your destination you need to get clear on where you're going. We'll take a look at how all of the 6 P's to Mastering Group Travel to Major Events (Prep, Plan, Plot, Promote, Play & Prosper) fit together to create a long-term success strategy that slays overwhelm and locks confusion away for good.

Mastering Group Travel to Major Events - Plan


Now that you have the framework for Mastering Group Travel to Major Events, it's time to put together a solid plan of action for the core pieces you need to make your trip a success. 

This step is all about securing the right hotel accommodations and transportation for your group. By the time you're done with Step #2 you'll know exactly where your group should stay and how they'll get there. 


Find the Right Hotel for Your Group: For some major events, its imperative to be in the center of the action. For others, it's okay to stay on the outskirts of town. We will discuss when each of these options should be considered so that you can make an informed decision for your group, and. how to ensure you have your pick of the litter when it comes to hotels. When done right, you'll have clients as well as other travel professionals begging to "buy your rooms!"


When & How to Get Your People To the Event: This step is two-fold; getting your clients to the city where the event is being held and getting them to the event itself. We will discuss options for both of these that will keep your clients happy while giving you peace of mind.

Mastering Group Travel to Major Events - Plot


As if attending the major event isn't enough, now, you'll learn how to add that "special touch" that will have your clients talking about their trip years to come!

No one is ever satisfied with just a burger, even if its the best burger in the world. They want the deluxe burger with the fries and shake. Most travel professionals who do major events just book hotel and transportation for their clients. Your clients want an experience, so give them one! 


Create an Irresistible Travel Package that Crushes the Competition: Here's where you'll learn to maximize freebies and other opportunities to make them a part of YOUR group experience. These tips will help you maximize your profits while keeping your expenses to a minimum. Undoubtedly, this will make people say "YES" to traveling with you, setting your package offering high above the competition's.

Mastering Group Travel to Major Events - Promote


You have everything packaged-up and ready to go. Now, it's time to 'woo' your people!

Here's where you'll get the word out about your planned experience to the major event. You'll learn to leverage proven attraction strategies to get your group 'sold out'!  


Attract Clients Who Are Ready to Book NOW: In this lesson I'll share the exact strategies I used to grow my group travel business with major events, plus, I'll share new marketing strategies so that when it comes time for you to launch your trip, your people will be clickin' buy!  


I'm not gonna tell you what to do and leave you hanging. For every attraction strategy I share, I'm also going to give you the resources you need to put them into practice.

Mastering Group Travel to Major Events - Play


Let's get ready to...TRAVEL! You'll get up-close and personal with your people online prior to traveling to ensure they have the time of their lives! And then... it's time to GO!

This is where your professionalism will shine! In this step, I'll show you how to engage your clients BEFORE they pack their bags. Not only will they be interacting with you, but they'll be interacting with each other as well, pre-planning their own major event experience with their 'new' friends. 


Plan the Perfect Pre-Trip Meet & Greet: Whether in-person or online, a pre-trip Meet & Greet is imperative when taking groups to Major Events. I'll show you what's needed to pull off the perfect pre-trip Meet & Greet for your group, and how to keep everyone on track during the event.


Keep Your Clients In-the-Know During the Event: In some cases, you may not need escort your groups to major events, but you should engage them as if you were there. I'll share my technique for keeping clients in-the-know about event activities.

Mastering Group Travel to Major Events - Prosper


Prosper & Port. It's time to get ready for next year's major event, but how do you know if your trip was a success THIS year? 

In this final lesson I'll show you how and when to assess your major event travel package and experience. Plus, we'll discuss when and how to move forward with planning for next year's event!


Evaluate Your Group's Experience & Get Them Booked For Next Year: Did they like the hotel? What about the location? The events surrounding the major event? What can I do differently? In this step, I'll share with you the techniques I use to assess my group's experience and get them re-booked for next year's event BEFORE they return home from THIS year's event!


Start Planning Next Year's Event: This crucial final step is the first step to making your event even more successful next year. When you complete this step, your 6-step process to Mastering Group Travel to Major Events drops to just 5 steps. I'll show exactly what is needed to get the ball rolling again for next year... and possibly a 2nd major event for your business!

Tamika C. Carter

Program Creator

I Built My Group Travel Business on Major Events!


Hi! I'm Tamika C. Carter, founder of the Group Travel Academy. 


But before I started teaching people how to build and operate a successful group travel business, I built a successful group travel business of my own! And I built it primarily with group travel to major events! In fact, my business could have sustained itself on just two trips a year... the Essence Music Festival and NBA All-Star weekend! But I also took groups to Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica, the Soul Beach Music Festival in Aruba, and more!


I created "Mastering Group Travel to Major Events" to help you be successful when it comes to taking groups to the major events of your choice! 


This 6-module training program will be an easy-to-follow, step-by-step system for growing your group travel business with major events!

Tamika C. Carter - Group Travel Academy

Larissa Parks

Hitched 360

"I take theater groups to NYC. This program teaches you how to choose an event, who to contact, how to compare hotels, how to get people to attend, how to collect payments, and more.  I think anyone who follows Tamika’s instructions will have a successful Major Event group experience!"

Jan Gerber

Destination Showbiz

"I was a traveler on one Tamika's major event group trips. Everything was seamless, making it a no-brainer to take part in another trip and invite others. These experiences inspired me to start my own group travel business around my philanthropic efforts. I highly recommend her expertise."


Benita Robinson

Philanthropic Group Travel