Group Travel Business Boot Camp

A step-by-step group coaching program that helps new and existing travel agents -just like you- move from slow growth, confusion and overwhelm, toward a profitable group travel business.

Aspiring, New, or Existing Travel Agent

Non-Profit and Team Leaders

If your non-profit organization has a few groups that travel or want to travel, earning income from your own travel arrangements is a great source of fundraising or non-dues revenue for the organization. 




Non-Travel Industry Entrepreneur

Even if you don't call yourself a travel agent, this program will help you if you have a business model that would benefit from adding a layer of group travel for your clients.  It's a great way to build an additional revenue stream!




With Group Travel You Can

Serve Multiple Clients Per Booking
Build Your Credibility & Expertise
Grow Your Business Quickly
Work Less & Travel More
Multiply Your Revenue

Hi! I'm Tamika C. Carter...

I'm so excited for you and the possibilities for your business!

What if you could fulfill your passion for travel without having to work night and day managing your business?  Now is the time to accelerate your success in the travel industry with group travel!

Join Us!

Group Travel Business Boot Camp


Your Mindset

The world is yours! You just have to claim it! This journey will change your mindset and help you overcome limiting beliefs so you can move on to build the business you desire and deserve.


Your Niche & Target Market

Where will you find people and who will you serve? Build your business to fit your unique personality, quickly establish yourself as a travel industry expert, and attract your ideal clients.


Your Business Tools

Business names and cards, websites and travel agent ID numbers... it's not just good enough to have them; there's a science to getting them done in a way that will attract your ideal customers.


Your Partners

Supplier partnerships are key to the success of your business. The best partners appreciate and reward you with special perks and bonuses. Earn FAM trips and cash while building a win-win relationship with suppliers.


Your Planning Process

When you know the right steps, the entire planning and booking process becomes super easy, consistent, and ensures that both your clients and your partners have a great experience working with you. 


Your Profits

Create and price unforgettable group travel experiences that allow you to charge more, earn more and still crush the competition. Plus, ensure that you dot every "i" and cross every "t" to secure a financial win!


Here's what you can expect to see inside of the Group Travel Business Boot Camp!

  • 1. 6 Modules with 30+ Training Videos, Templates, and other Resources

  • 2. Group Travel Planning Toolkit

    You'll get the Group Travel Academy's signature Group Travel Planning Toolkit(tm) that walks you through the process of applying the training content in each module to your unique business.  Once you've completed the toolkit, your group travel business will be ready to launch!

  • 3. Access to Private Community

  • RESOURCE ($100.00 Value): You'll get our Group Travel Tech Toolkit to help you efficiently administer and manage the logistics of your group travel business.

  • RESOURCE ($50.00 Value): You'll get our Group Travel Dictionary, filled with more than 100 travel industry terms and phrases that are applicable to your group travel business.

Group Travel Academy - Tamika C. Carter - Ready to Launch

Launch Your Business. Launch Your Trips. Launch Your Success! When you sign up and complete the Group Travel Business Boot Camp, your business will be ready to launch. Then, you have to launch your business, attract your ideal customers, and get them to book the amazing travel experiences you will plan. In Ready to Launch, you will learn our signature launch system that will help you attract and engage your tribe, promote your trips, and get repeat travelers year after year.

"This has by far been the most comprehensive and helpful course I have taken during my journey to learn about group travel. The tools provided throughout the training ensure we walk away having made our projected profit and financial goals." 


Mia Hudson

Divine 9 Group Travel

"The Group Travel Academy have been instrumental to launching my culinary travel business. The comprehensive learning tools are extremely easy to follow and the moral support through our community is great for bouncing ideas off of other members."

Shamyra Edmonds

Passport 2 Cuisine

"I had no plan and was going in circles trying to run my business. I was doing everything and achieving nothing. The Group Travel Academy helped me to see that I needed to start over and get clear on the end result, then work backward to achieve it."


Samantha Taylor

A Trip Around the World

"I attribute my love of travel to Tamika.  I entrusted my first foreign travel experience for me and my son to her on one of her group trips. I was so impressed that I wanted to start my own group travel business, and I did! I have taken groups to Jamaica, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and on cruises!"


Linda Whiting

LRW Travel

"I met Tamika about 15 years ago as a participant on one of her group trips. The accommodations were outstanding and seamless, making it a no-brainer to take part in another trip and invite others. These experiences inspired me to start my own group travel business around my philanthropic efforts. I highly recommend her expertise.

Benita Robinson

Philanthropic Group Travel

"I knew I wanted to work smarter, not harder so I signed up with the Group Travel Academy to learn how to maximize my sales by selling to groups. The value that I received from my training was more than worth the fee and I highly recommend the Group Travel Academy to anyone wanting to venture into group travel!"


Jan Gerber

Destination Showbiz